Zanzibar – Boogie Sonatas on tour

BOOGIE SONATAS    Renaud Patigny (piano) + Pierre – Alain Volondat (piano) + Renaud Crols (piano, violin)

A whole serie of compositions in a new style, a fusion of classical music and boogie woogie, written for four to six hands and a violin, played on two grand pianos ; it gives an idea of the strange sounds that we could have heard if Beethoven, Chopin would have hang around in the bars and barrelhouses of Chicago in 1935.

ZANZIBAR    Désiré Ntemere (voice, trombone) + Geneviève Dartevelle (harmonica, didgeridoo) + Renaud Patigny (keyboard, voice, balafon) + Kankan Bayo (percussion, voice)

An investigation of the African roots of the boogie woogie, we « re – connect » this style to its own roots, melting the traditional african rhythms to the piano original boogie style. A joyful and energetical project who has a standing ovation at every performance.


Saturday 8th october 2016   8:30 PM  ZANZIBAR + BOOGIE SONATAS  Centre Culturel de Huy

Friday 14th october 2016  8:30 PM   ZANZIBAR + BOOGIE SONATAS  Maison de la Culture Arlon

Saturday 15th october 2016 8:30 PM   ZANZIBAR + BOOGIE SONATAS  WHALLL (Woluwe St Pierre)

Friday 28th october 2016  8:00 PM   ZANZIBAR    Centre Culturel de Quaregnon

Monday 31th october 2016  9:00 PM   ZANZIBAR    Jazzclub Banana Peel (Ruiselede)

Saturday 12 november 2016  8:00 PM   ZANZIBAR    Foyer Rural de Beaurain (FR)

Saturday 28th january 2017 8:00 PM  BOOGIE SONATAS Théâtre de Cambrai (FR)

Thursday 2nd februari 2017 8:15 PM   ZANZIBAR    Cultureel Centrum Leopoldsburg

Thursday 16th februari 2017 8:00 PM ZANZIBAR   Gemeenschappelijk Centrum De Moelie (Linkebeek)

Monday 20th februari 2017 8:00 PM BOOGIE SONATAS l’Arsonic (Mons)

Friday 24th februari 2017 ZANZIBAR    Centre Culturel de Florenville

Sunday 26th februari 2017 ZANZIBAR Centre culturel d’Ans réservations : 02 / 660 94 93

Friday 3rd march 2017 8:00 PM  ZANZIBAR    Cultureel Centrum Muze (Zolder)

Thursday 16th march 2017 8:30 PM ZANZIBAR   Salon de Silly

Saturday 15th april 2017 8:30 PM  BOOGIE SONATAS  Centre Culturel Action Sud (Viroinval)

Friday 21st april 2017 9:00 PM  ZANZIBAR    Open Music Jazzclub (Comines)

Friday 28th april 2017 8:00 PM  ZANZIBAR   Centre Culturel de Verviers

Thursday 4th may 2017 8:30 PM  ZANZIBAR + BOOGIE SONATAS   Centre Culturel d’Uccle